Jin Shin Jyutsu® for your Animals


This book is the natural outgrowth of the passion Adele feels for Jin Shin Jyutsu and the extraordinary joy animals have brought to her life.

It is her desire to share the harmonizing she as experienced through the blending of these two worlds that prompted her to share this work and make it accessible to you now.

The book is based on Mary Burmeister’s beautiful Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help books 1 and 2, which are said to contain the essence of this “Art of the Creator through Compassionate Man."

“I find that animals are more in tune and more sensitive to touch than many humans. Working with the animals refines your touch and heightens your sensitivity. Intuitive, inter-species communication is a natural outcome when you understand the idea that you are not Doing anything, but rather 'BE-ing with this BE-ing in this gentle and loving Art.' Learning to send this message through your hands is the primary focus of this book."

The book is really a “picture book” with color diagrams of each step of the flows, showing the adaptations needed to easily work with different size species including: dogs, horses, cats, birds, rabbits, and hamsters. The book uses colored computer graphics,designed to make the pages clear and accessible, with hands showing the location of each step. Adele has adapted the flows as needed based on the relationship of the Safety Energy Locks (building blocks of the body). The book also discusses attitudinal and physical differences needed to make the work accessible to our furry friends.

The book has evolved over the past decade from Adele's own practice and the classes taught through out the US and Europe. The bulk of the text of the flows is translated by Matthias Roth into German and French. Complete German translations are available for a small fee when ordered from Adele's German and Swiss class organizers. See order form for contact info.

The book, originally designed as a workbook to accompany the classes, now stands on its own as an intro to the work. One may also continue exploring through classes, private sessions and phone consultations. You and your animals will find it deeply rewarding to share the journey.

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Hands-on exercises

Have an overview of the book. Download a PDF allowing you to begin harmonizing your animal today..

Initial Centering
Safety Energy Locks
Dog | Horse

General Energy
Revitalizing(Spleen) Flow
Dog | Horse