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My classes are designed to introduce you to Jin Shin Jyutsu, giving you the knowledge to use this gentle Art of harmonizing on your beloved animal companion.

You will first learn to apply the work to yourself, allowing you to become more centered and open to sharing with your animal. This will also give you firsthand experience about what he will feel when receiving sessions from you. You will soon move confidently to sharing this work with your animal. During class you will explore the 26 Safety Energy Locks (building blocks of the body) and several major flows and "Quickies" for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. The classes also cover topics such as creating a physically and emotionally safe environment, how to approach and make gentle contact with different species, reading animal body language, and basics of intuitive communication. To get details about any specific class please contact the organizer listed for that class. To hear what previous students think about classes please CLICK HERE for reviews.

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Upcoming Classes:

October 24th - October 27th, 2019
Destin, Florida,USA

NEW CLASS OFFERING for students who have received their certification of completion in “JIN SHIN JYUTSU FOR YOUR ANIMAL COMPANIONS”
We are offering the first "Training the Trainers" class for those folks who are interested and dedicated to spreading the word about this work and teaching it in a professional, compassionate and competent way. From October 24- 27, 2019 twelve certified practitioners will come together in Destin, Florida and at Alaqua Animal Refuge for a symposium with the goal of starting the process of preparing them to become recognized teachers of “JSJ for Your Animal Companions.”
We will cover such topics as curriculum, safety, teaching techniques for dealing with different species, finding appropriate venues, students and animals. Students will take turns teaching in a class room setting as well as with different species. It is our goal to have participants emerge with a plan for how to start offering short classes, to apprentice at existing classes and progress to teaching full length classes. Another benefit of this gathering will be that each participant will become part of a vital support group of dedicated, like-minded individuals working towards a common goal. BOOK EARLY! Class limited to an intimate gathering of twelve.

Organizer:John and Jude Byrnes /808.381.1925 or 843.323.8868

April 16th - April 19th, 2020
Destin and Alaqua Animal Refuge,USA

Ready to treat yourself and learn at the same time? Come join us for this 4 day in-depth adventure into self help and JSJ for animals. We start the day on the beautiful crystal beaches of Henderson State Park, where we indulge in self help and study. In the afternoons, we drive to Alaqua Animal Refuge where we work with the dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, pigs... among other animals.

Organizer:Alfred Tait Duus/(970)773-3767

May 16th - May 17th, 2020
Green Bay, Wisconsin,USA

Our first time in Wisconsin! Come and join us for a 2 day adventure into learning and experiencing harmonizing, while studying J.S.J. We will first apply the work to ourselves, so we relax into it and understand what the animals will feel. Then the FUN goes deeper when we start to share with dogs, cats, and the 50 resident horses at the Walsh Quarter Horse Farm.Plan to join us for this event.

Organizer:Mary Hille/920-621-1032


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