Felines - fabulous teachers of the Art of BE-ing

I think it's possible cats understand that they are an integral part of the

energy of the universe at every moment in their lives. I believe I have

heard Jed Swartz refer to cats as “the gods of all the animal kingdom.”

They seem to live by Mary's quote “ I am a Star. We are the Star.” Many

cats have been keen and insightful teachers for me, improving my ability to

listen deeply and to refine my touch. So now, as I welcome a new girl into

our family, I am reflecting on what riches they have shared, what deep

knowledge they have imparted with such complete assurance. The thing

that completely awes me is how they embody the truth of " Now Know

Myself" and " Be It Is, Is.” I have seen cats who are really down on their

luck but never have I met one with poor self esteem or a belief in their

unworthiness. They simply BE.


 The first cat I worked on almost 2 decades ago was a sweet girl named

Daisy, whose human was then a client and is now a practitioner. Having

only had experience with dogs, horses and birds, I did not know what to expect.

I remember telling Daisy‘s person, Adriana Bate, that Daisy would dictate the

length of the session. If she got up and left, we might offer again but after several

attempts, should she say “no thanks”, we would call it a day and a good

introduction. With this understanding, I knelt on the ground in front of the

ottoman where Daisy was in peaceful repose. After a few minutes of me

holding the center SEL 's 10/13, she started purring. It seemed she liked it

and was going to accept me. It also seemed like she found it a bit amusing


Felines - fabulous teachers of the Art of BE-ing

and appropriate that I should kneel in her presence. I moved on to the

bladder flow. She would stare intensely at my hands, then my face, then my

hands. Then she began to stare at her hind leg, then foot. It took me

several minutes to realize that she was staring at the pathway of the

energy... anticipating and feeling where the energy would flow next! At the

end of an hour, I rather awkwardly attempted to unfold my legs, both asleep

beneath me. Adriana mentioned that I had said Daisy would decide the

length of the session. I had said that... I just never expected her to go so

deeply into a relaxed trance and stay there. Left up to Daisy I might still be

squatted there. From then on, I have looked at cat sessions as

opportunities to plunge deeply into the Art guided by gifted teachers.

For almost 12 years I had the honor of knowing and loving my partner’s

cat, Giacomo. This tough guy patrolled the outside of our home, the

backyard and lake front, while keeping any number of dogs in line. He was

still a proud hunter at age 17 but not too tough to enjoy sleeping with

Blaine’s boys when they returned home from university. At age 13, he was

diagnosed with a cancerous lump on his left 25. I later learned that it was

caused by vaccinations all his life administered repeatedly in the same

location. (It seems this was once an accepted practice and still occurs in

some vet clinics. If you have a beloved feline, please check into this on

your cat’s behalf.) There came a point where it was hampering his

movement, so we decided to have it surgically removed. We were told it

would grow back and the more rapidly it did, the tougher it would be on

him. But Giacomo loved his sessions and knew what he needed!


He had no problem jumping up on me and knocking my hand with his nose

until he got me to stop whatever I was doing and start sharing a flow. Almost

every day he would come ask. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning to

find he had wiggled himself under my hands so that I was holding SEL’s along

the bladder flow. He enjoyed relatively good health this way for 4 years....longer

than the new vet said he had seen any other cat with this condition.


Felines - fabulous teachers of the Art of BE-ing

This past December it was clear he was preparing to transition. He took to

staying away two to three days at a time. I felt like he was trying to prepare

me for his death. I told him that I accepted this eminent departure, but

asked if he really needed to just disappear, explaining that the lack of

closure would be really tough for me to deal with. Tuesday afternoon

following that discussion he came inside, hopped on Blaine’s lap and

demanded his flows. Blaine shared a long session and then just held him.

When I arrived home, he switched to my lap. For the next three days he

never again left the house, did not eat or drink. Rather he divided his time

between Blaine, me and Tukaram, our bearded collie mix. He was either

on our laps or curled up next to us but always touching. He slipped “out the

window “ as we held SEL 4.

It has taken us 5 months to be ready to open up to a new feline family

member. I was feeling the tug strongly just over 2 weeks ago. I bought

some catnip and planted it, following the concept “Build it and they will

come.” I planted it on Sunday and met our new girl on Monday. I love when

I am really living Effortless Reality. Giannina Mia, named for a character in

a 1912


Firefly (of

course) is a

3&1/2 year

old feral

tortoise who

was brought

into the vets

office with

an entire

litter of

kittens. They

all quickly

got homes,

but grown

cats can be

hard to place. She has a good wild streak in her but is bright and friendly


Felines - fabulous teachers of the Art of BE-ing


and very verbal. When Tukaram,

our dog sat up to look into her kennel, she leaned out and they touched

noses. That pretty much sealed the deal. Giannina likes to go out and

patrol occasionally but would rather curl up on a dining room chair. From

the first time I did a session on someone, she hopped up and lay alongside

the client’s leg. I offered short intro sessions but Giannina only quieted for

about 5 minutes when I was holding her SEL’s. Then yesterday, she came

back in the house limping on her front right paw. She looked me right in the

eye, walked to the table and hopped up. She let me work gently with her

for almost an hour, preferring when I held my hands to scatter the energy

and to pull it down, instead of placing my hands directly on the leg. So she

understood “The effect is never where the cause is.” I am so excited to see

what this new feline teacher will share with me in the years to come!


Adele Leas