How the Anchor step of the 13 flow changes lives 

Second depth helps all aspects of respiration.  One of my favorite quotes from Mary is, “If you can breathe, you can heal.”  From this we can see that second depth is central to life. It was this aspect of Jin Shin Jyutsu that saved my life and opened me up to experience, learn and share this beautiful Art with people and animals. I was in a drowning accident  in 1988, the year before I met JSJ and was shocked  back to life with the use of paddles (electrical stimulation). I lost the use of 1/3 of my left lung, due to salt water. Every breath thereafter was difficult, painful and labored. I had pneumonia 13 times in the year following the accident and several of my ribs cracked from constant coughing. During my first session with Phyllis Singer in Tampa, Florida she held a position in the back of my shoulder blades and the center of my breast bone. I did not know  then it was the anchor step of the 13 flow or that  both Safety Energy Locks  were located in the second depth. I remember vividly the sensation of inhaling deeply as she held this. It was a miracle.

This anchor step has gone on to be a cornerstone of my work with domesticated animals.  It is this hold I use to start the majority of animal sessions.  Safety Energy Lock 13  came into the Universe meaning “Love thine enemy” (exhale all that is not needed and what is left is love.)   SEL 13 is the “Key to the Exhale”,  down the front cleaning from the bust line.   Safety Energy Lock 10 came into the Universe meaning “Limitless outpouring of the Life Force”, the Key to the inhale and receiving. Since both of these energy locks are located on the bust line, they are going to help balance our spiritual and feeling natures as well as release attitudes of sadness, grief and negativity.  This simple hold also helps in many other ways.


*    to start  a connection and dialogue thus forging a bond between human and animal

*    to go beyond  inner/outer limitations

*    to adapt to new routines and situations

*    *to let go of abuse and neglect. 

 For the last several years I have taken on a new focus with animals and JSJ. I am working with  Alaqua Animal Refuge, and their Unconditional Love Program, which rescues unwanted canines from neglect and abuse situations and uses prison inmates  to train them using basic obedience skills and Jin Shin Jyutsu with the goal of having them adopted as companion canines. Canines demonstrating unique potential may be accepted into one of the numerous nationally recognized therapy programs thereafter. The program has expanded to 3 facilities now and has both men and woman in the programs.  Dogs who are often overlooked - frightened and abused dogs, as well as aggressive and unsocialized dogs  join the program. With loving care  24 hours a day  they flourish and are truly seen for the  “unique expression of the Dot”  that they came here to demonstrate. As you can imagine, not all inmates are thrilled with the idea of “quietly focusing on their Exhale and observing their present state of Be-ing.”, yet over time the results have been remarkable both in the inmates and dogs. Here are a few samples of the inmates writings about SEL 13/10.

“ My dog is Mason and 10 and 13 worked good with him. That was his “safety hold.” He relaxed and calmed down. Took him a few minutes, but then he just would sit for as long as you would hold him. I think he felt secure and at peace.”

“ SEL 10/13 allow for me and Kixi to bond and come together as one. She relaxes and gives into being protected and not being abused and mistreated.”

And finally  this from a note an inmate wrote to the family who was adopting his dog:

“ Please use the JSJ regularly, in good moments and bad to help create a bond and help her to adjust to a new household and shed some bad memories. Her favorite seems to be the Initial Centering SEL 10/13. It allows her to Inhale good things and Exhale the bad. Place one hand on her breast bone and the other on the top of her shoulder blades, as if cradling her heart in your hands.”

Try this at Home!


Allow yourself to be patient and truly “Be with this BE-ing in this loving and gentle Art.” Let the stress drop from your shoulders... remember you are not DO-ing anything, you are BE-ing the observer of the harmonizing of the animal. Allow your hands to be “Un- needy.” Allow your breath to deepen. Watch for signs of relaxation in the animal. This is a subtle and cumulative Art.