As a long-time Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and pet owner, Adele’s animal book was a required part of my library. However, it actually came to life and became an indispensable tool after I took my first class with Adele. She provided context and meaning, along with pertinent examples to apply, so now it’s a dog-eared tool rather than a static reference. The laminated diagrams are especially helpful in articulating the art to pet owners. The large poster is framed in my office, generating much discussion and interest. I carry the smaller version of the poster with me to all client visits. This picture does indeed speak 1,000 words and when used to describe the flows being shared with their pets, the owners more easily understand the art, their part and their ability to help their fur-babies.

5 (out of 5) star recommendation for Adele, her book and her posters!


These Jin Shin Jyutsu animal charts are enormously helpful. I received both the double-sided dog and horse chart and the dog and cat chart as gifts. They come with a heavy laminate, so both my dog and cat could walk on them without damaging them. They are a great addition to the book, Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion, also written by Adele Leas. An absolute fountain of relevant information has been laid out in a relatively small space so it is available at your fingertips whenever you need it. The charts of the different species each comes with information most appropriate for work on that species. If you are a visual learner, these charts will make things crystal clear. I keep returning to them and finding that more and more info reveals itself.

For beginners and those who have been immersed in the art for many years, it is a must have tool. You will be empowered to help your animals to harmonize.


This book is equally helpful, whether a person knows nothing at all about Jin Shin, or whether one has been using Jin Shin for years. What I particularly liked about this book were the tips on how to go about using Jin Shin on animals because my pets were moving away from my hands when I attempted to hold a couple of points on their bodies. After reading the book and thoughtfully applying what I’d read… for the first time ever, my wiggly, licky, anxious dog gave a big sigh and lay relaxed as I held her SEL #13’s and #10’s. Who knew?!! How one goes about this is truly a big deal. The way to go about this is best explained by the book–and rightly belongs there–so I will not attempt to reproduce those instructions here.


The book and the laminated charts are always my “backup” for the treatments of horses and dogs. They are handy and it´s easy to show the people their “homework”


I have owned this book for 4 years and with dogs, cats, horses and goats at home we have found great benefit. Our dogs at first were skeptical, but once they stayed still long enough they felt the energy moving. Now when Daddy sits down after his long day they jump on his lap, hang their head over his knees and wait for the laying on of hands. They lay quietly there for over an hour and hate for their time to end. This is very unusual. We have used this on goats with great success.


An absolutely amazing must have book! Thank you so much Adele for putting this together for us animal lovers. It is such a powerful approach to healing our animals. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a pet or a gift for someone special. It’s a relief to have an alternate holistic method of healing that’s natural. My dog loves the flows. I am so happy I found this book!


This is a “must” book to have if your are an animal lover and want to do something for them. I carry this book with me. If you don’t know anything about Jin Shin Jyutsu, this book is written clearly and easily understood. You will want to get the human Jin Shin Jyutsu book and help yourself. I highly recommend this book.


Excellent communication and quick delivery.  A must have manual for animal JSJ practitioners, with a little self help for us humans too


New copy of book shipped right away and arrived inside of a week after ordering. Seller also sent a friendly e-mail greeting acknowledging order and providing information on her website & training courses available. Quality product and customer-service oriented seller…outstanding 5-star recommendation


I was so excited to get this book. I have only been learning and doing jin shin jyutsu on myself via Alice Burmeister’s The Touch of Healing for about a couple of weeks. I like the simplicity of this book and the helpful charts. It really is made user friendly.


Its so easy to follow the laminated charts. I can show family and friends how they can help their pets. Everyone loves it.


I met Adele many moons ago in New Orleans! She shared her Jin Shin Jyutsu with me, my dogs and my horses. Amazing stuff. I still use my book and it has come in so handy so many times.

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This thoughtfully laid out and very well illustrated book gives one “The keys To The Kingdom” you might say, and would seem, therefore, priced just right for the information contained within. On second thought, it is quite inexpensive, considering the possibilities for making an animal more comfortable, or in many cases, eliminating “the scary project” entirely!


After using Jin Shin on myself and others, I tend to think of the placement of the Safety Energy Locks (SEL’s) in human terms. It can be confusing to ponder where some of those points might be located on an animal with a comparatively elongated torso and twice as many limbs! This book clarifies those points in everything from a little bird to a horse.
The effects of it often must be cumulative to erase “a project” which one wants to work on. So persistence is the key here. The healing is natural, going at the body’s own rate. Even when a “project” is too far gone to heal, Jin Shin will always be able to provide blessed ease and comfort. If I could, I’d give this book 100 stars–for its information, clarity and potential to make positive changes.. It is a “MUST HAVE” for those who want to enhance the quality of life for animals!


I’ve found the books, & especially the laminated charts, very helpful when I have an animal companion as a client. I am familiar with the flows on human BEings, but knowing where the SELs are when working on an animal can be tricky. Rather than having to balance a book as I try to share a session, the laminated chart is easy to put where I can see & consult it as I work. The charts are also very clear & simple to follow in the book. I had a bird as a client awhile back, & at first, they were a bit unsure of my hands. I wanted to share the Stomach flow. I simply held my fingertips out, close to the 21 & 22 where I wished to place them, & he stepped over & leaned into my touch. I think the book is clear enough that he was following along!


Using the powerful Japanese harmonizing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Adele’s book is very simply laid out for use with all animals. I have basically bought up my Manx Kitty on JSJ from her very unstable beginnings over the last 3 years. The vet suggested I put her down. With lots of love, attention, homeopathic remedies, a special raw diet and especially JSJ – she is thriving. From the moment I did the spleen flow on her she was a different kitty. It has been particularly great with working with a kind of irritated/nervy back issue that sometimes Manx kitties suffer from. She lets me know when she has had enough, or is really needing some help with healing. Animals seem to respond so well to this wonderful art. It has definitely saved us some anxiety and worry whether going to the vet for help or not – as it is very complimentary with anything else. All the animals that I make contact with using JSJ are very open to receiving. If you are interested in helping you or your animal with healing – I highly recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu and this book!! And I find the ring binding works great for keeping the book open to the page I want to work with.


I am new to Jin Shin Jyutsu for myself so when I found this book for my animals I wanted to get it for them. I have not been disappointed. I really like this book. It is well done, the explanations are easy to understand and the artwork is very inspiring. Besides being written in English, the book also has the keys points written in French and in German. I found this book to be very well thought out. Actually, I carry this book with me everywhere so when I get a spare moment I open up the book and gain new knowledge. This is a “must have” book for me. I thank the author for taking the time to write it.


Absolutely love this book!! We are sort of an unofficial “rescue”, so this will be very helpful. Have already used T-touch techniques over the years. Have been using the human version on myself and family members, and was trying to sort out how to apply that to animals. Then I found the book I needed! Thanks ever so much and many blessings! Also, book arrived quickly and in great condition!