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My classes are designed to introduce you to Jin Shin Jyutsu, giving you the knowledge to use this gentle Art of harmonizing on your beloved animal companion.

You will first learn to apply the work to yourself, allowing you to become more centered and open to sharing with your animal. This will also give you firsthand experience about what he will feel when receiving sessions from you. You will soon move confidently to sharing this work with your animal. During class you will explore the 26 Safety Energy Locks (building blocks of the body) and several major flows and "Quickies" for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. The classes also cover topics such as creating a physically and emotionally safe environment, how to approach and make gentle contact with different species, reading animal body language, and basics of intuitive communication. To get details about any specific class please contact the organizer listed for that class. To hear what previous students think about classes please CLICK HERE for reviews.

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Join us for classes happening online now!

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All my classes have moved online for the present time. In person classes will return when it is safe and easy to gather again. Surprisingly, the move to Zoom has been so wonderful that I think some classes will always remain this way! Now students from around the world can take classes at the same time, sharing experiences while still holding their own animals, all cuddled up on the couch.

Two class series will be offered in each round of classes.There will be an Intro level class for those fairly new to the work or as review. The second class will vary more and offer more in-depth aspects of the work. You are welcome to take both at once, if that fits your way of learning.

You will need to have the book, Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion and a small laminated chart with placement of the Safety Energy Locks for dog/cat or the dog/horse. For more information about the books and charts, please visit books and charts here on my website.

Each 60- 90 minute class will consist of some lecture and theory, some self help and some hands-on practice with the animals. My 2 very willing demo dogs will be with us for most calls.We will also include sessions with my horse and hopefully, with my camera-shy cat. We will venture forth to Alaqua Animal Refuge when that is possible. No matter who I work with, you are welcome to bring any species to class or take it all in for a future date and work on yourself thru-out.

Each class will be presented on Zoom and can be viewed from your computer, tablet or phone. The classes will be recorded and and links sent to you after each class, thus allowing students around the world to join us in learning. Links are available for three months.

Each 5 week series will count as 1 credit towards certification in “JSJ for Your Animal Companion”. One in person class in a rescue setting will be needed for full certification. For details about the certification, please visit my homepage at: this link

Florida massage therapists can also earn CEU’s for either or both of the classes. Each class will count as 5 CE's in the live/general category. You must attend the classes live and sign in to the chat as proof of attendance.

Feedback from recent on-line class participants

This was my first time taking classes from Adele and they were exceptional! Adele’s teaching style is organized and impassioned. It incorporates the philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu along with specific Safety Energy Locks and Organ flows. The format of self-help practice followed by hands-on practice with animal companions is a powerful way to learn this Art, not to mention fun! - Sally

I recently completed taking Adele's online JSJ for your animal companion classes. It was a wonderful experience for both me and my dog, Molly. The online classes provide an intimacy and education that is fabulous without ever leaving home! It is rare to find someone who embodies what they love and teach. Adele radiates that love of animals combined with her love and knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I also found having my own animal there to experience the hands on work was a unique benefit! I would highly recommend the classes for any animal lover as it will benefit all of the animals in your life! - Liz

Adele introduced me to the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals during the pandemic. I have always wanted to expand my Jin Shin knowledge towards animals but have not had the opportunity to travel to her classes. She introduced the information over zoom classes which was fantastic! We were able to work on our own animals and get a good view of her teaching. She is knowledgeable, lively, energetic and obviously loves all animals dearly. I love her teaching style and can not wait for her next set of classes. - Linda

Surprisingly intimate via smart phone or computer, offering a glimpse into the very real power and nature of universal energy to reach beyond our “modern“ technological separation, to unite us all, deeply in the moment. That my cat, Bear, could participate and choose to was a joy and blessing. Equal access for all. - Diana

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