Sharing Jin Shin Jyutsu with your *B.F.F. (Best Fury Friend) Webinar (June 2021 Replay)


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Bring your dog, cat, horse, ferret… and join Adele Leas for 2 enlightening and F.U.N. hours learning to share JSJ with the animal kingdom. Learn the not so-secret secret of the best sessions with animals!

In this webinar, you will gain knowledge about:

*How to establish a positive and open connection with your animal
*Several non-invasive ways to start sharing the Art with any species
*Safe ways to offer JSJ to animals who are fearful, shy, sick or elderly
*Flows that all lead to more harmony for your animals and you
*How to gleam insights into what your animal is feeling/thinking

We’ll share centering time, then move on to sharing with your animals, followed by time for Q & A, so you leave confident in your understanding and abilities. Your relationship with your furry one will deepen, as well as your understanding of the Art.

The book, Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion and laminated charts for dog/cat or dog/horse will be used as a reference in class.


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