This was my first time taking classes from Adele and they were exceptional! Adele’s teaching style is organized and impassioned. It incorporates the philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu along with specific Safety Energy Locks and Organ flows. The format of self-help practice followed by hands-on practice with animal companions is a powerful way to learn this Art, not to mention fun!
– Sally

I recently completed taking Adele’s online JSJ for your animal companion classes. It was a wonderful experience for both me and my dog, Molly. The online classes provide an intimacy and education that is fabulous without ever leaving home! It is rare to find someone who embodies what they love and teach. Adele radiates that love of animals combined with her love and knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I also found having my own animal there to experience the hands on work was a unique benefit! I would highly recommend the classes for any animal lover as it will benefit all of the animals in your life!
– Liz

Adele introduced me to the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals during the pandemic. I have always wanted to expand my Jin Shin knowledge towards animals but have not had the opportunity to travel to her classes. She introduced the information over zoom classes which was fantastic! We were able to work on our own animals and get a good view of her teaching. She is knowledgeable, lively, energetic and obviously loves all animals dearly. I love her teaching style and can not wait for her next set of classes.
– Linda

Surprisingly intimate via smart phone or computer, offering a glimpse into the very real power and nature of universal energy to reach beyond our “modern“ technological separation, to unite us all, deeply in the moment. That my cat, Bear, could participate and choose to was a joy and blessing. Equal access for all.
– Diana

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend.  I am so inspired by the work you do, and the impact it has on animals, and humans too.  I went home and worked on several of my babies, and have set a goal to do work on at least one of my animals every day.  So far it is ending up being 2 each day because they think it is a party!  With 13 between the office and house, my skills shall increase by leaps and bounds.
Susan – Tucson 2017

I want to thank you Adele for coming to Holland!! Giving us such a inspiring lessons full of passion and love!!  I understand now even more of Jin Shin Jyutsu… for animals and people. You are a wonderful teacher.  
Erica- Holland  2017

The January weekend at Wings of Angels was wonderful–one of many touching moments (no pun intended) that I experienced was watching four or five horses galloping back and forth in a small pasture, overflowing with exuberance and playfulness. They were among the horses we had worked on earlier in the day, who had been so deeply relaxed by Jin Shin Jyutsu that one participant reported that he had been a little nervous because his horse has seemed to be on the verge of falling over. Imagine: these joyful beings were rescues.
BEVERLY-  Tampa, Florida 2017

What a miracle, this weekend in Nederweert, Holland. Adele was doing a great job, letting us feel the wonder of Jin Shin Jyutsu for your animal companion. With loving attention for every participant, human, dog or horse. We laughed and cried a lot. Thank you, Adele! I hope you will be back soon!
Annemieke – Holland  2017

A very big thank you that you are coming to Switzerland. I feel richer with the many experiences I could share with the animals at Denise’s. And this was only possible because of you. I am very grateful to you. Also the many heartfelt things you shared with us, some even very personal stories. I hope dearly to see you again next year. In the meantime I wish you all the best. May you be filled with loving kindness.
Doris  – Switzerland  2017

My first class was the All Beings Class.  I felt like I was in a dream.  We learned so much about the magical art and how to be the jumper cable for humans and animals.  Adele and Jed worked together seamlessly and emphasized the similarities and differences between the human and animal approach to the art.  The application of JSJ to many different species of animals at Alaqua Animal Refuge was a highlight of each day.  We also gave and received a session with a human each day.  All of these things combined with the input from the class and the heathy and yummy snacks prepared by Lois made the class unforgettable.  My next class was the animal class in Destin.  Self-help sessions on the beach each morning were the best way to start the day!  Adele has a magical way of leading the class through the self-help and self-awareness, and taught in such a way to help me remember the art in a very unique way.  The animal class was was fun and informative and was held at the beach pavilion and at Alaqua Animal Refuge.  We were able to practice what we learned in class with the beautiful animals at Alaqua.  The All Beings class mentioned self-help, but the focus on the class was JSJ for other humans and for animals.  The Animal class taught self-help and also focused on helping animals.  Taking both classes helped me to learn JSJ for other humans, animals, and also self-help for me.  The classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn JSJ to enrich their life as well as to help harmonize all beings. 
Renee  Destin classes  2016 and 2017

Adele is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever encountered! Her classes are taught with love, respect, and reflection… JSJ and Adele are beautiful together. Adele’s classes are helpful and useful for humans and animals. My husband and I were fortunate to attend a JSJ experience with Adele in FLA at On the Wings of Angels Sanctuary. This was great learning experience all around. Adele’s compassion for all living creatures is contagious and unique. The charts and book are extremely helpful, and Adele’s compassion and understanding are definite messages along with very explicit, easy to follow flows and “quickies”. I use the chart all the time and love to study the book. We have seen results with both of our dogs.
Beatrice- Tampa, Florida  2016

What a beautiful JSJ class in Cape Town South Africa. A huge thank you to Adele for sharing her wonderful gift with us in such a loving and kind way. You have truly inspired us to make a change in the way the world treats animals. Thank you!
Sybille – Cape Town  2017

When I met Adele 4 years ago in Florida, I was immediately struck by her passion for sharing the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu with animals. The dedication, patience, and countless hours she spends perfecting the materials are all evident in the quality of information being presented. Her classes are beneficial for beginners and professionals alike. Her text book and laminated charts are priceless. Adele is a true pioneer, and it is an honor to be able to support her. I would not be who I am today without her love and guidance.
Amy – Tampa, Fl 2015 and Destin, Fl  2016 and 2017

It was an incredible experience! Really loved the couse and the oportunity to be with animals this way. I recomend everyone to look for the oportunity to learn about JinShinJyutsu and its application on animal Companions. Thank you Adele Leas for this wonderful experience.
Manuel-  Guadalajara  2017

Thank you for the weekend in Nederweert. I received wisdom, inner faces and healing flows..In order to use the teachings for my cats and myself. Returning to myself and deep attention for the cats. That this beautiful wisdom has come on my journey, which has given me back blocks to grow…THANKS!!! Wishing to see you again next time
With love.
Djoke- Holland 2017

I have studied under Adele for 4 years.  Having recently completed the JSJ for your animal companion certification program, I feel I am better able to communicate with animals of all species.  Adele’s classes are practical, fun and full of amazingly valuable information regarding a balanced and harmonious life for the animals in your life.  Her books and charts are straight forward and easy to understand.  I am forever indebted to you, Adele, for your guidance and open heart.
Tait – Tampa and Destin, Florida  2014- 2017